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HELL - the ruse of POWER

One Lives Through Hell On Earth to Get to Heaven

Who or What is Satan?

The Sun-god prevailed universally until the new religions, recycled from the old, changed its identity from 'Mary-Mother God' to 'Mary-Mother of God'. You will see how this was achieved in the e-book downloadable here.

The Roman Catholic Church and its many offshoots use hell for survival and growth, along with making people produce an extraordinary number of offspring to feed its growth."

It promoted the idea of 'witches' who were burned alive at the stake to protect Church authority. It is the same ruse that sends young men to their death as suicide bombers to punish the 'infidels'. It is the same ruse that formed nations and we can see that in names like 'Paki-s-tan', 'Afgani-s-tan', and so on, and in other names like 'I-s-tan-bull' which translates as 'eye of light-sun-bull' and the bull was the crucified god-man after which Jesus Christ and the Pope are modelled.

'S-tan'is a male name and is also in place names like 'S-tan-more', 'S-tan-hope', while 's-tan-d' was the place where the sunlight was fed through the hole in the rock. It is the name of the support in which images of fake gods are displayed.

Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: It stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it has raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations. Isaiah 14:9

With the rise of Catholicism all things related to the ancient practices were turned on their heads. 'Satan', the Sun god, became the devil (feeder of evil) and those attached to the Sun god would burn with it for eternity. That's the origin of hell.

It i in the turning of things upside down that mankind is lost." Isaiah

From birth people are indoctrinated into believing in hell as a place of eternal fire and punishment. Reason tells us otherwise.

Not only do the dead feel no pain but no one can stand fire for even a few seconds let along an eternity. On the basis of this parents do unbelievable injustices to their children and so make their own hell, and for what?

Threats by religious organisations are designed to put fear into the minds and hearts of those caught in their webs. People taught not to think for themselves rely on garbage issued by priests, ministers, rabbis, and omars, who supposedly speak with the mind of God. PHOOEY!