No Heaven or Hell
Heaven is Hell
Heaven & Hell
In Scarlet

The Tricks of Power and Control . . .

The Truth - There is no Heaven or Hell

by Norma Holt

Where logic prevails answers are forthcoming

Time is fast running out on us

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My True Reincarnation

With full memory of reincarnation and of being born with a different language to my parents and with skills, etc. brought with me I knew from the start that heaven and hell are myths designed for power.

But many will never believe me or even that reincarnation ís a possibility but sadly they will continue to fall under the spell of religious magicians and the lies they tell.

The Spirit speaks to its own

Scientists are now trying to prove that God exists and yet all they need to do is look at nature and the world. Look at the planets and all of space, because that's how big God is.

Emperor Constantine Built Best Weapons of Mass Destruction

These weapons were designed as tools to get people in and keep them there. They are the wind in the sails of the false gods and the engine that drives them forward. While ever people fail to question the logic of such places and why the Roman Catholic Church should claim to hold the keys to them then the lies will persist.

It's time to bring the myths to an end. Like the king with no clothes story it will only be when someone speaks up that the rest will realise they are supporting something that is not there in the first place.

The Stumbling Block Before God's People

This was put before everyone so that only those with spititual power to see through the lies will have ears to hear the truth and the ability to know it.

How much have you been taken in by other people's imagination?

  • Do you trust faith more than reason?
  • Do you believe what others tell you before using logic?
  • Have you researched the origins of religion?
  • Do you worship idols and images?
  • Do you understand the Old Testament?
  • Do you believe the New Testament without question?
  • Have you ever noticed the discrepancies in its tales?
  • Noticed how only Matthew and Luke reference Christ's birth
  • Noticed how dissimilar these 2 claims are?
  • Why Matthew says male babies died but no one else reports it?
  • Why these claims are not in the public records?
  • Why there is no evidence supporting the New Testament?
  • >In fact do you know the origin of any of the things religion teaches, such as heaven and hell?.

    Look up, what do you see? is there a heaven up there?

    You have seen deep inside caves and mines. Did you see Hell anywhere beneath the earth?

    Prove to yourself whether Heaven and Hell exist by examining the following questions. See what you come up with!

    This is the biggest question to answer.


  • Is God truly a man?
  • If not what is the nature of the divine?
  • If it is a man does HE wear clothes?
  • If he has genitals does he function like a man?
  • Why does he need genitals when creation is instantaneous?
  • Would you appear naked before him?
  • If not, why not? You entered the world naked.
  • You were created naked so why do you wear clothes?
  • Would you look upon a male God if HE is naked?
  • If he has genitals why would Mary be a Virgin?
  • If HE does not have genitals how did Christ get here?
  • Where did the DNA of 2 parents needed for birth come from?
  • Where did the sperm come from if Mary was a virgin?
  • What of heaven? Why has it never been found?
  • What of hell?
  • How do the dead feel pain without living nerves?
  • If hell exists, where is it?
  • Is hell a huge oven of eternal fire and why can't it be seen?
  • How big is it?
  • Is it under the earth and why has it never been found?
  • Why am I subjected to death threats for these revelations?
  • Why do the religious condemn me to hell for my work?
  • Are you one of the fools in their clutches?
  • Do you punish your children on the basis of your beliefs?
  • Do you suffer ostracism by those who believe this rubbish?
  • The answers are simple. Religious tenets stand on fooling people about the after-life. Its like the king with no clothes. If enough pretend to see what is not there they will convince the majority to believe as they do.

    That is the power of religion and it thrives on ignorance and subjection, threats and condemnation, rewards and money.

    Things like heaven and hell exist only in the imagination fed by lies. If they exist the prophecies in the Old Testament would not condemn them but support them, which they do not, except in places contaminated by deceitful men. One of these men was Jerome who detailed his interference in letters and in his diary.

    There is no heaven or hell and I can prove it.

    Come with me on an eye opening journey into the tricks that created terrorism, genocide, power and wealth while the REAL GOD is ignored for make-believe.

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