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Misled and Controlled by Fear

Norma Holt, author of this site and the book available below, has full memory of reincarnation.Between lives she saw visions of this one to come and was shown things she could never have known otherwise.

How Much Are You Misled?

Religion teaches that unless one has membership in the organisation and lives according to its rules then you cannot go to heaven and will end up in hell to burn forever. This is frightening stuff when you think about it. Have you thought about it?

Do You Pay for Salvation?

This is not a trick question but people pay religion for the security of a good afterlife. The proof is in the economic prosperity of organisations like the Roman Catholic Church. It is second only to the USA in the income it receives.

It does this by professing to know the mind of God. But no one knows that, least of all the clergy.

Hell is a Lie

Because Norma Holt knows that hell is a trick to make people pay for the right to go to so-called heaven this author has taken up the challenge of informing you of her experiences.

Why is Reincarnation Hidden

Religion survives because of the tricks it imposes.

The greatest trick is to threaten people with pain and horrible consequences if they do not belong to it. Governments have close ties with religion
because it serves to keep the population under control.

The greatest threat to religion is if people discover that God is accessible from within and that
religious leaders are not required.

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