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Heaven is Hell

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What is Faith

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In Grims fairytale the king is tricked into believing that someone has made him a beautiful new set of clothes. Although he could not see it he was so anxious to be seen at his best that he decided that he was dressed in it. He then went to alk among his people. They were all shocked to see that he was naked but they cast their eyes aside and praised him for his dress.

Then one smart little boy called out "the king is naked." That caused quite a stir as those who had pretended otherwise were caught out.

They had all pretended they could see something that was not there to avoid upsetting their ruler. That is no different to those who go to church, temple or mosque. They have an affiliation with their religious ruler and for them to speak out and say they don't see what he sees would be insulting. It is called blasphemy and the threat of hell looms over the heads of those who dispute with the organisation.

That might cause them to be ostracised and forbidden to attend any services where their friends are. It would cause them social embarrassment and may affect their standing in the community.

It might also cause them to become strained from their families and others. The complication is not worth the risk for many.

The Real God is Turned Into the Devil

The Spirit is the only God and it fills all of space and all of the universe, however big that is then that is the size of it.

Before the size of space was known and long before man knew that the world is round and that the sky is air and not water things were put in place that could not be altered. They were the myths and the foundation stones of all future religions.

Because the teachers of these religions could not suddenly declare themselves wrong the lies grew and so did the conspiracy to hide the truth. Babies are brainwashed from birth into accepting the myths and they are hard wired against challenging the establishment.

Religions took over entire countries and societies became dependent on their churches and faiths to survive. Those who opposed them were either killed or exiled. Often they died in horrendous ways and the treatment of such individuals was akin to what Isil is now doing in the regions of Iraq and Seria.

Nothing changes under the sun

The Spirit in Pain

By ignoring the real God for the make-believe man has brought upon himself the anger and retribution that the Spirit is inflicting. With warnings against such things the consequences were also laid out.

They that make a graven image are all of them vaity; and their delectable things shall not profit; and they are their own witnesses, they see not nor know; that they may be ashamed.

They who attend churches, temples, and mosques where images are displayed are worshiping the graven images.

Many bend their knees to statues and images of the false gods, and they pray to them. They leave the places of worship and often are set upon by accidents, deaths, disease, loss of a loved one, or something else, and wonder why?

They seek answers from this idols and receive no response.