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Heaven and Hell

The Truth - There is no Heaven or Hell

by Norma Holt

Heaven and Hell According to the Bible

Religions would have us believe these are places for eternal life. That is they will be there forever. But that is not what the bible says of them. The Spirit has left information in the Old Testament prophecies that states that they will go. That would not be the case if they are genuine existing locations.

And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved, and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll: and all their host shall fall down, as the leaf falls off the vine, and as a falling fig from the fig tree." Isaiah 34:4

The host of heaven comprise the angels, saints, false prophets and the resurrected Jesus Christ, which are all as fake as the religions that proclaim them. If they exist why would the Spirit say they will fall down? Why would God leave a message that the heavens will be rolled together as a scroll?

The implication is that there are many heavens, as there are, in the minds of the dreamers. Each religious core has its own version. The Catholics and their Christian offshoots believe in one type in which there is a kingdom over which the so-called Father God rules. Jesus Christ supposedly sits on his right hand side while the angels run around as servants delivering their messages. But the three headed gods of the Trinity are at the beck and call of Mary, the so-called Mother of God.

According to the Catholic Faith Jesus Christ cannot refuse her anything so if you pray to her she will plead on your behalf. What a load of nonsense. Mary is the sun-star of Babylon and Mother God who was made into Mother-of-God by Constantine when he established his religion

The Muslims have Paradise. They believe that any man who becomes a martyr for their God, Allah, will receive a number of virgins to play with when they get to their destination. That in itself is rather ridiculous as the dead feel nothing and sex after death is rather macabre. It also shows that women have no place in their after-life, which probably accounts for the abuse they suffer at the hands of their male counterparts.

The Jews have another type of heaven, although we are not sure what it is. They obviously have no Father God as their chief god is 'Oi', the same as the Maorie of New Zealand. It seems that they have no great expectations of an after-life until their resurrection takes place when the Messiah comes. There is also belief in reincarnation and other things making it all very confusing.

Modern religions are as far apart as anything can be about God and the truth of what happens after death.

The same can be said of their gods. Between the Father gods, mother gods, sun gods, and the devil, who is also given the status of a god, the chaos is worsened.