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Myths and Magic Run the World

Eyes Wide Shut is a condition of religion

The power of heaven and hell is among the things you probably hold most dear.

The magic word is 'FAITH'

Myths, magic, mystery and make-believe do the impossible, or at least seem to. Illusion and disillusion project into every day life and many will not do without it.

Myth and magic comes through the costumes, colours, rites and practices that surround it. It is in the slight of hand that priests engage in and in the words they use to change the state of things, or at least the perception people have that they do.

Why Do People Believe Lies

The illusion takes place in the mind where the tricks confuse it and it accepts what its told as real, after all that's how we train it. The written word, the thing seen, the story told, all work on the brain as though this is reality.

That is why what it sees, hears, and dreams becomes reality and may come about, and what is believed stands. That is why religious orders brainwash children from a young age into accepting the beliefs they promote. Its why they build schools and isolate kids from outside influences that might change their attitudes to what they are being taught. It's the power behind suicide bombers and terrorism.

When the mind is untrained the unreal becomes the real. The myth becomes truth, and the gullible are preyed upon. What is told to children when their minds are vulnerable and too immature to figure out the lies is evil, wrong, and stupid. It's why religous leaders keep their people ignorant and untrained into the things that will give them strength to know the lies.

The Disasters That Happen at Christmas

Look at Christmas! What is it? How does it perpetuate? Where does it comes from? Two hundred years ago it was hardly ever heard of until an author named Grimm invented a character called Scrooge.

My first experience of this lie was disastrous. I could not comprehend how a man in a red suit, of whom I was petrified, would find his way into my bedroom. In case you are wondering the bedroom is a child's sanctuary and the thought that someone can just enter therein is frightening. So is the man in the red suit.

Young children are dragged up to these men, who are complete strangers, but dressed as Santa Clauses. They are often observed screaming in fright. Yet they are encouraged to sit on their knees and tell them their most wanted toys, or whatever. Who benefits from the charade.

The Stores profit handsomely from the gullibility of its customers while such scenes demonstrates the readiness of parents to deceive their children. Would it not be nicer to give a gift to a child as a present from mum and dad, whom the child respects and feels secure about.

Isn't the fact that we expect children to go along with the lies more dangerous to them than helpful. What if the man is a pedophile? Can the child tell the difference between a strange man who will hurt them and one who gives them gifts. Parents WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

And so it is with religion!

What goes in before 7 years of age stays for life, a proven scientific fact.

What you are told as a child you never get over unless you are very strong willed and independent - or something else prompts you. That's why religion wants you to bear as many children as possible in order to outnumber their opposition. Its why religious schools exist, and why children are taught ritual before they can even walk.

So parents go on fooling their children about Christmas, religion, and everything else

I have heard many say that they cannot do away with Christmas. Why? Can you do away with the alcohol that makes your dreams more exciting? With the unhealthy bodies that come from too much of a good thing?

Christmas is just another evil that destroys and if you don't believe that statement then look at the number of deaths by accident, suicide or other things that occurs at this time. Look at the disasters that happen, especially in the most religious countries. Look at the violence, disease, poverty and hunger that an unbalanced world is going through. Then look at the religious might of those countries.

Religion is not peace but war with God. Make-believe in any form is war with one's inner self. It is destructive, hurtful, and costly.

To many make-believe is their peace, their truth, their existence and their reason for being. Take heaven and hell as examples.

How many parents, governments, and nations follow religious principles based on heaven and hell to rear their children, discipline their people, and punish the sinners according to some outrageous dogma that has no foundation

When logical explanations for nature and after-life expectations fail most will turn to superstitition, magic and myth for answers. That's been the way for thousands of years.

The Catholic Church Conspiracy

Take this case in point.

Some young men knocked on my door recently and announced they represented the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints and proceeded to engage me to listen to their ramblings and to believe in their myth

Before they got more than a few words out I retaliated

"Just a minute," I said. "What do you know about evolution? I asked their stunned faces.

"Oh, we don't believe in that," one of them boldly replied.

"Why not? " I asked

"Well it never happened because the bible says God created everything in seven days and everything in the bible is right," the same young man replied.

'How old are you?" I asked.


"Have you been to university, have you studied genetics, do you know how big the universe is? I rattled off a heap of questions and they responded that they had not. They then retorted with answers that claimed scientists are confused, they don't know the bible and they serve Satan, all of which I hear from fundamentalists

"Oh," I said, "and the Catholic Church burned their books, killed many of them off, or exiled them and wrote the New Testament that you are here today to represent. Do you know that that is a Catholic book that you have under your arm and that some of the contents are false

The look on their faces showed me they were out of their depths. They did not expect to come up against someone like me but the ignorant neighbour up the road would not know to question their backgrounds or knowledge.

"Let me tell you that the God I know is Spirit, was never on a cross and never died for any man. The Spirit fills the universe and speaks to us, who are of IT, directly so It has no need to send some prophet or other to serve man's lust for blood. Do you honestly believe that man is so powerful that he can kill God?"

I was fired up and went on with a lot more until they shrunk away and decided to vacate my front step. My parting words were ringing in their ears as they left "Get an education, read about evolution and the universe, open your eyes and ears to the facts and then come back and tell me your message."

These men and their ignorance represent the hooks that catch and the chains that bind the unsuspecting to their ways. Their Church sends them out to rope in 'converts' so it prospers and gains strength and an aire of righteousness when it is nothing more than a fraud, a myth, a house of robbers.

The result of their work is terror, violence and darkness, through which light is obscured, spreading in their wake. Spiritual light and power is dimmed by myths.

And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, said God. Jeremiah 9:3

Written some 2600 years ago these words are good for all time. Myth and make-believe has replaced common sense while nonsense is sought after and worth a fortune.

When the Spirit speaks we rarely listen, many cannot hear that quite voice within.

When spiritual power is demonstrated many turn aside.

When Spiritual prophesies are proven true many twist them or add to them to try to alther their message.

Give glory to God, because of the darkness, and before your feet stumble on the dark mountains, and while you look for light, it is turned into the shadow of death, and gross darkness. Jeremiah 13:16

The shadow of death is real because the deaf and blind cannot see and hear.

Let them be confounded that persecute me, but let not me be confounded: let them be dismayed, but let not me be dismayed: bring upon them the day of evil, and destroy them with double destruction. Jeremiah 17:18

Even now, in the face of the earth's dying condition, the preference is make believe, lies and man made power that is killing us.

But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear, but made their neck stiff, that they might not hear, nor receive instruction. Jeremiah 17:23

Commerce thrives on myth that includes drugs, festivities, credit, gambling, and so on. Addictions cause social problems, despair, behaviour dysfunction, family disunity, crime, depression, hardship, anger, murder and suicide. This is the result of man made power.

But these are the tip of the iceberg.

Born of the darkness that engulfs the world mythical tales of creation, gods, fairies, angels, saints, and other would be supernatural beings juxtaposed over a system of exchange enhances that power.

What then is the cost of this stupidity? Is it not the terrorism that promises an eternity of bliss for destroying others and causing terror and chaos.

But you turned and polluted my name, and caused every man, and every handmaid, who was at liberty, to return and brought them under subjection, to be unto you servants and handmaids. Jeremiah 34:16

It is entrapment and servitude to the lords of the earth who take, horde and trick you into serving their ends.

Deception feeds on the weak and vulnerable.

If you have read to here perhaps you will take account of what you participate in, how your support of such things confuses others and of the examples you set for your children.

If you love your children don't lie to them. Don't lie to anyone least of all to yourself.

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